Precious Moments Collection

Handcrafted Love Twinkletoes Bears made out of your loved one’s clothing or other precious fabric items from any occasion in life. Create a keepsake for yourself or create a special gift for someone to treasure forever. Remember that first smile? The first crawl or first few steps? Their first birthday – what precious moments in life. Don’t leave special clothing items in the back of the cupboard that no one ever sees. Now you can create a keepsake that you can display forever.
• Precious clothing from baby’s first year of life
• Clothing from NICU or baby’s first days
• Baby’s favourite blanket
• The wrap you used to carry your baby/toddler
• Maternity clothing
• Clothing from baby’s first Christmas or Easter
• That special First Birthday outfit
• Sporting uniform/Fan club clothing
• Club uniforms
• Graduation clothing/School Uniform

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